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Can You Hear?

Can you hear the tender groan

of creatures not made right?

The longing for the Perfect One to come

Every creature hopes

Upon the return of the Dawn of Day

And pants in hope for the cosmos

Camel bleats a tune

As she plods through the sands

"Behold all things shall be new"

Penguin chants in the midst of the ice

Cradling his babe between his feet

"Come soon O King of the free"

Bear hums along

Back scraping against a cedar

"Restore O God, come restore"

Salmon swims along

Avoiding dams of man

"Let us see your glory stretched upon the sea" The groan of creation longs

But not in a doomed desire

For the King of Ages sings the song of renewal

"Behold I am coming

The First and The Last Creation bow before me

For I will come, restore my creatures

And all Adam left in bondage

For creation I declared was good

Still belongs to me

And I came first to reconcile

Through my very body

Now await with hope

And groan a little more still

For I am worthy

Behold I am coming soon"

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