Half a world away, slaves build cities

But in my own world, it doesn't seem to matter

For I still have my craft coffee

And my fresh pair of shoes with the swoosh running down the back

Half a continent away, people have no electricity

But I got my tax break

I will just offer a prayer for them

And then God can remember and I can forget

Half a country away, the powerful grab women

And then whine about what she was wearing

Consumerism has gone too far

I cry, even as I scan the glowing feed of women

Half a state away, Black Wall Street was bombed

And now things seem better

We can all live together

At least me and my fellow gentrifiers

Half a city away, they vote on education

As they hug their lobbied donations

But things could be worse

With my low gas prices, I can send my children to private school

Half a block away, I couldn't tell you what's wrong

Why would I know?

That would be nosy

And I might have to do something