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Hence Forth

Hence forth the seed spring

And hence forth my heart cry

Hence forth the water flows

And hence forth I believe

From whence doth the seed come

Who doth plant it

What then is the strange feeling

And of whom doth it speaketh

Hence from this moment on

My eyes free from the dust of sleep To gaze on my beloved's face

And sing of his goodness

From whence doth the seed come

That beloved seed of faith

I do not see the planter's hand

Yet the cosmos scream his name

It was no doing of my own

To plant that seed in the dirt

Yet in the middle of the grit of my sin

My Savior chose to claim me first

To plant the seed and plant his name

To grant me knowledge and affection

And this I know til the end

That every promise he guarantees

To bring me to completion

Despite my wandering heart

And he will soon bring to pass

That bliss of his return

Then faith will soon become my sight

Sight of his blessed bliss

For soon this doubt will begin to heal

And scab away from this enduring faith

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