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In the Sea

Here between two walls

Surrounded by sheets of blue

It seems hard to believe

You will lead me safely through

We spattered the doorpost red

And waited in the dread of night

Holding our firstborn son

Praying that he wouldn't die

It is so hard to trust

When my fate is not held in my hand

And as I march through the sea

I'm scared I won't reach the land

I have felt the whip of slavery

But now I am not so sure

That in this sea of doubt

That You hold me secure

What does it mean to be free?

Have you seen the scars on my back? At least there I had food

And I could deal with freedom lacked

But here as I march on

My sandals caked in dry sand

I simply cannot believe

That this is what Moses planned

If Yahweh even knew my doubt

Surely, he would smite And into ashes I'd go

In the middle of my sea of fright

Am I safe to doubt

Right here in the sea?

And then I hear the song of God

Say my grace is sufficient for thee.

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