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 ABOUT me: 

      Welcome to my area of the internet! It's not very big and that's a strength, I think. I intentionally have designed my site as a space to think and write creatively. Herein, you will find a mixture of theology, culture, and art that I hope to seek to do justice to.

      A little about me: I am currently residing in Norman, OK as I finish up my undergrad and serve as a Pastoral Resident at The Well Church in Moore, OK. I love theology, and I love my Reformed roots. I also love culture(s) and how cultures work. 

      While I am fairly certain of my theological convictions, I also realize that I'm twenty which means I want to seek to be a voice that honors those with theological differences without starting Holy Wars over the Internet. In our era, it's way too easy to demonize those who are actually wrestling with their own demons.

      My whole goal in this pursuit is to develop my own style in writing, work out theology, and pursue the good, the noble, and the true in our culture... and maybe some day decrease the amount I'm spending on books (#PublishersSendMeFreeBooks). 

      Underlying this entire site is this conviction: if God incarnated and became the God-man, then the Absolute of Beauty has dwelt among us in human skin. Our responsibility is to continue to showcase beauty in human culture as a way of pointing to the glory of God, as a further impact of Christ dwelling among us. And if that same God is the Creator of all, then despite sin, there is beauty in creation that points back to Him. I'd like to further incarnate beauty and truth into writing as a means of pointing at something greater than I and at what He's doing. Thanks for stopping by and granting the beauty of the Imago Dei pulsing through you onto this small space of the internet.

beauty in creation
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